Sending Gifts Through Time And Space With The Timeless Box!

The Timeless Box is a little something different when it comes to gift giving, something aimed at prolonging the gift giving and receiving experience!

Timeless Box

The Timeless Box is a $100 aluminum (or titanium) box created by Ignasi Giró with the purpose of prolonging the gifting experience. The box is designed to hold a gift and is then locked for a period of time between a few days and a year. Once the deadline (which you set) arrives, the box clicks as it unlocks and opens, presenting the gift recipient with your gift.

According to the box creator Giró, “A re-gained perception of time passing by, neatly confronting something from years ago with your present time and an extremely simple and easy to use time-capsule object, that won’t get lost with time…”

The Timeless Box is also available in a beta test online version here.

Interested in getting the actual Timeless Box? Pledge to get yours right here.

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