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Taste of Tech: Tangled Webs of Health, Purity, and Processed Food

Michelle Obama teams up with Walmart to fight obesity and bring down the cost of healthy food. But the problems of processed food emerged from yesterday's answers to questions of purity, safety, and health; will the future be any different? The latest in our series on the science and technology of food, co-produced with GOOD.

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Doormat Scale Breaks Your Guests’ Spirits

And they really thought they could avoid weighing themselves by hiding their own scale. Nice try, fatty. There’s no way to avoid your morbid obesity now. There’s no blaming it on your big bones. The scale doesn’t lie. Either does the fact that you can’t fit through my door without shimmying ever so delicately. The Doormat Scale won’t let your ...

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Deep-dish Pizza Vending Machine

I’m always rambling on about a Rock N’ Roll Pizzeria but that doesn’t have shit on a vending machine that will serve you piping-hot fresh pizza. Did I say fresh? OK so that was a total lie but it’s still portable pizza. Unfortunately, the pizza is Tombstone brand which usually tends to fail my personal taste test. And by taste ...

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