Six Hours of TV Could Shorten Your Life by 5 Years

It’s not exactly news that sedentary behavior is the cause of many of America’s health problems. Instead of doing activities which involve physical exertion, many Americans are now working desk jobs, computer jobs and other professions where physical activity is minimal. However, this extends to leisure time as well, which could actually shorten your lifespan.

Research published in the “British Journal of Sports Medicine” has provided evidence that six hours of television daily could cut five years off of your life.

You might be saying, “There’s no way I spend six hours a day in front of the TV”. However, remember that this study is based off of sedentary behavior. How much time do you spend on your computer, either working or surfing the web? Using this study as a guide, any activity which prohibits movement could negatively impact your health.


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  1. And what about reading a book? Or travelling on a train/bus/airplane? I know many people who travel more than 6 hours forced to sit still in an airplane… the study is fine.. but it needs to not centre on TV and look at the broader picture.

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