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The History of Televisions

The history of televisions

2014 marks 152 years since the first flickers of the commercial giant we now call a television, first made an appearance in the mid-19th century. Since then, it has not only won itself status as an unparalleled source of entertainment but has also emerged as one of contemporary society’s favourite mediums for advertising, information and news.  Read on for a ...

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9 Shows You Should Be Watching


These 9 shows (both past and current) are shows touch on every variety of niche and are 9 shows that you should at least give a shot. Chances are that you have heard of or seen most of these but if not, grab your popcorn and prepare to get sucked in!

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Technology Continues to Make TV Better

smart television

The remote control may soon be obsolete if the latest technology for TV has anything to say about it. The days of browsing through hundreds of channels or flipping through the weekly TV Guide are long gone for those who embrace technology. Here are just a few ways that DirecTV and other apps are working to make watching TV even easier.

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James Burke, Prince of Serendip

James Burke is the Carl Sagan of Serendipity. Now his Connections series, which tells technology's history as a record of sagacious discovery, is available for free viewing. Video after the jump.

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Judge Judy Slowed Down to Half Speed is Strangely Amusing

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if marijuana was legalized? Probably something like this. YouTube user iMakeUTubeVideos took a particularly ridiculous Judge Judy session and slowed it down to half-speed. What are the results? A bunch of people that sound like a very drunk Bill Cosby.

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TV Poltergeist Fools Your Friends Into Fear

April Fools’ Day is right around the corner, which means it’s time to get nasty. It’s time to get mean. It’s time to get ruthless. And feel totally not guilty about it at all. TV Poltergeist is a little device that you can hide in your living room that will automatically turn the power to the TV off and on ...

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DirecTV to Launch 3D-HD Channel

I don’t have DirecTV, nor did I know that I would want DirecTV with a passion in the upcoming minutes, but this news has made me change my perception of satellite TV. DirecTV is planning to launch a 3D-centric channel in full HD at some point in 2010. While the service will work with your current DirecTV HD box, via ...

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