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Viking XL Lift System Gets You Out of Bed

Don’t worry, the Viking XL Lift System isn’t only for surprisingly jolly (considering the fact he needs a specially designed rig to hoist him around the house) gingers. Capable of lifting up to 660 lbs., or about half of yo momma (burn!) despite only weighing about 95 lbs. itself. Hey, it beats portion control. As an added bonus, the hoist ...

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Geek Leak Brings The Toilet To Your Computer

Aside from pissing your pants, there just isn’t many alternatives then just biting the bullet and stepping away from the computer for a few minutes. Until now that is. Geek Leak is a 1-liter sized container made for taking a pee break without having to leave your computer. Not that going in the bathroom is even that practical anyway, especially ...

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Holiday Spirit: The Lazy Way Out

Is your neighbor one of those dickish pricks who just can’t be outdone during the holiday season. They make the best cookies, they create the coolest nativity scene, they put on the best light show, they just refuse to come in second. This year, beat them at their own game (or at least come in a close second) and save ...

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Underwear You Can Wear For Weeks

It might seem like some sort of lazy fantasy, but a Japanese astronaut recently tested out a pair of J-Wear anti-bacterial, flame retardant, antistatic, and water-absorbent briefs which are supposedly wearable for weeks at a time. Astronaut Koichi Wakata says he wore the panties for about a month and received nary a complaint. That’s great that they can use them ...

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Are You This Lazy?

If you can’t even sit upright in a chair while on a computer without bitching about back problems, you might need the Lazy Geek’s Cushion. Why lie on a bed when this adjustable cushion can have you reading web comics on any filthy floor in the world. With this cushion, one could even use their laptop on the floor of ...

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Enjoy handsfree reading in bed, sick and healthy alike

Who says reading in bed is the privilege of those who got sick? With these reading stands, we can read in bed anytime we want, in any position and under any background lighting condition. These stands range from $60 to $190, the smallest one you can bring to the beach, the biggest one you can hang your laptop up there. ...

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