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WiSpi EX30 Wireless Spy Cam Keeps an Eye Out For Your Boss

So, you’re chilling out in your cube, looking at porn or playing solitaire, or doing whatever it is you do when you’re supposed to be working. It’d suck to have your boss sneak in while you were slacking away. The WiSpi EX30 from Brickhouse lets you secretly set up a wireless camera within 30 feet of your cube, or wherever ...

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Carpet Skates for quick office to office transportation

Hate those long walks to the other side of the office building? Fear no more, these Carpet Skates are a fun way to transport those TPS reports across the office. The Carpet Skates strap on (lol, strap on) in seconds right over your shoes and will have you speeding through the cubicles faster than the whole Date Processing department put ...

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