Air Board Sort of Looks Like a Circular Lawnmower


…though a cheap circular lawnmower wannabe it is not. For $140,000 you can buy your own functioning hoverboard, otherwise known as the Air Board. It travels at speeds up to 15 mph over most surfaces other than water, which totally blows. A “real” hovercraft would so travel over water.

They seem to be marketing the Air Board as a perfect gift, but if your willing to spend $140,000 on a hoverboard for someone else, you should have your head examined. Just get them a Beamer or something.


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  1. Those boards don’t work on water… Unless you got POWAH!

  2. Thanks for the plug Andrew! However we WOULD need our head examined if the Airboard was $140,000!!

    It’s actually much more affordable at only A$9.000. If your viewers email me and ask for mates rates, I’ll give it to you for A$8,500 pus shipping to the destination of your choice.

    Hope this clarifies things!

    Meanwhile…LOVE the site!!

    Best regards,
    Arbortech Pty. Ltd

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