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Levitating Mouse

Hell, if I can't afford a hover car, at least I'll have a hover mouse. The BAT Levitating Wireless Mouse by Kibardinde Sign harnesses the power of magnetism to float in the air as you do your cursor-moving thing.

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Air Board Sort of Looks Like a Circular Lawnmower

…though a cheap circular lawnmower wannabe it is not. For $140,000 you can buy your own functioning hoverboard, otherwise known as the Air Board. It travels at speeds up to 15 mph over most surfaces other than water, which totally blows. A “real” hovercraft would so travel over water. They seem to be marketing the Air Board as a perfect ...

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When Will I Get My Flying Car?

Since the days of The Jetsons and even long before that, mankind has dreamed of a fully operational hybrid flying car. What would be better than being able to go airborne as soon as you hit some traffic? Moller International, the company devoted to making an affordable flying car, has announced their latest creation, the Autovolantor. The flying car, although ...

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Martin Jetpack Is Almost Rocketeer Status

Let’s face it, we all want to be as cool as The Rocketeer. Fighting Nazis as a masked hero with a jetpack doesn’t get any cooler. Now a jetpack is hitting the mainstream market. Martin Jetpack is the world’s first practical jetpack and it was launched in action at Oshkosh, Wisconsin for AirVenture, right around the time of Virgin’s White ...

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