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7 Luxury Hotels That Make Us Drool

Hotel St Martins Lane, London

If you aren't one of the "other half," then chances are that you've wondered how they live, and that includes hotel stays. These 7 luxury hotels make the list of some of the most incredible luxury hotels from around the world and this girl is lucky enough to have stayed in one of them (check out #1.)

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The First Electric Lamborghini

While Tesla is still the head of the class in terms of electric super cars, there are plenty of auto-enthusiasts and Lambo devotees who still don’t have an alternative green vehicle to add to their luxury car collection. Designer Andrei Avarvarii designed the Lamborghini Minotauro as a smooth and voluptuous green alternative to the angular and sharp design of the ...

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$121,000 iPad is World’s Most Expensive (So Far)

Stuart Hughes has been adding ostentatious luxury to Apple products for years now and from the looks of things, he has absolutely no plans on stopping. His newest creation is the $121,408 Solid White Gold iPad. Weighing in at well over 4 lbs, this solid gold gadget is significantly less portable thanks to the extra weight. So all of you ...

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The World’s Most Expensive iPhone

Anybody have around $3.8 million laying around? I’m a few bucks short. You know, tax and all. The iPhone 3GS Supreme is encased in 271 grams of 22ct solid gold. Featuring a front bezel brandishing 136 flawless diamonds, a total of 68 cts and the rear apple logo, set in solid gold, has 53 flawless diamonds totaling 1 carat total ...

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Land Rover Defender: Fire & Ice Edition

You’d think that with the entire automotive industry in complete peril, a near-bankrupt company like Land Rover wouldn’t be cranking out limited edition luxury vehicles. But sure enough, it is and they are pretty sweet rides I must say. Only 850 “Fire & Ice” edition Defenders will be made and each will cost a whopping $95,000. The amenities? “The interior ...

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Vegetables Slaughtered For the Sake of Fashion

What… they couldn’t find enough chinchillas? They had to resort to slaughtering poor, defenseless vegetables for the sake of fashion? Make them out of alligator, fox, or hell, even human, but leave the vegetables alone! Think about their families! The French gallery “Le go�t de Luxe,” or Taste of Luxury, integrates edible edibles, mostly fruits and vegetables, into fashionable products. ...

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Steampunk: Veritas Dovetail Gang Saw

Leave it to Joel over at BBG to find the world’s most badass hand saw. It’s called the Veritas Dovetail Gang Saw and it costs a whopping $212. But you have to think about it for a minute and analyze the need for this saw. If vampires or zombies ever come after you, you’ll be prepared with three sharp blades, ...

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New York’s Sky Garage

New York City is home to a lot of things. The Mets, Mario and Luigi, Bryant Park. One thing that always flies here, however, is luxury. No matter the cost, you can always build something bigger and better. Such is the case with a set of new apartments in Chelsea. 200 11th Avenue will get an in-house car elevator that ...

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