Land Rover Defender: Fire & Ice Edition


You’d think that with the entire automotive industry in complete peril, a near-bankrupt company like Land Rover wouldn’t be cranking out limited edition luxury vehicles. But sure enough, it is and they are pretty sweet rides I must say. Only 850 “Fire & Ice” edition Defenders will be made and each will cost a whopping $95,000. The amenities? “The interior is wrapped in leather and Alcantara suede, the seats have been replaced by Recaro buckets, there’s a glass sunroof, alloy wheels, body-colored headlamp housings and more.”

Sounds lovely, but certainly not worth $95,000. The Fire edition comes with a nutty Vesuvius orange paint job whilst the Ice features Alaska white with a bitchin’ black hood.


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  1. Does a matching clown jersey comes with that?
    Dude, if LR want to mess with one of its vehicles, do it on a frelander or RR sport..please.
    Not the Deffy

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