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Land Rover Defender: Fire & Ice Edition

You’d think that with the entire automotive industry in complete peril, a near-bankrupt company like Land Rover wouldn’t be cranking out limited edition luxury vehicles. But sure enough, it is and they are pretty sweet rides I must say. Only 850 “Fire & Ice” edition Defenders will be made and each will cost a whopping $95,000. The amenities? “The interior ...

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Vault-Tec Lunchbox My Kid Will Take To School

I really have no use for a Fallout 3 lunchbox. I like Fallout 3, but I’m far too old to be taking a lunchbox to work. That’s where my illegitimate son comes in. I’ll force him to take this lunchbox to school. All the while he’ll be bitching and moaning for me to buy him a Ben 10 lunchbox.

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Busy Playing Fallout 3, Do Not Disturb

I’ve been flaking at work, school and life ever since the release of Fallout 3. I snagged the collectors edition of the game and haven’t stopped playing since. One thing I can say about the game this early on is it’s tough scrounging for ammo, especially after you’ve wasted all of it on a giant fire ant’s skull. Now in ...

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Logitech’s Premiere Edition Wireless Guitar Is Nicer Than The Real Thing

Yes! Even more Guitar Hero guitars that, much like the players, try desperately hard to be the real thing. This time around, Logitech is releasing the gorgeous Wireless Guitar Controller Premiere Edition for $250. Screw spending the $250 on a real guitar. Real guitars are for old people. As far as fake guitars go, this thing leaves all the other ...

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Maxis’ Spore Has Gone Gold

I sure hope you’ve tried out that creature creator for the upcoming Spore, otherwise you’re going to be left in the dark. Having to settle for randomly generating creatures simply because you weren’t creative enough to come up with your own does not please Will Wright. After all, the full game is just around the corner. That’s right, Spore has ...

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Spore Goes Galactic

And by Galactic, I mean Spore: Galactic Edition of course. If you’re a gamer who needs every piece of memorabilia a game has to offer then you won’t mind shelling out $80 for this special edition. Remember Vince’s monstrous pal, Bonerfart? He died. But, that’s only because Vince didn’t reserve his copy of Galactic Edition, guaranteeing him the 100-page galactic ...

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