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ChefBot Shows You How Not to Make a Creme Brulee

Robots can be masterful pieces of art when enough funding, research, knowledge and artistry goes into their designs, but I think it’s important to remember that not all robots are created equal. ChefBot, an entry in SparkFun’s Antimov Competition is not a well-made robot. In fact, he’s down right hazardous. But what he lacks in precision and safety, he gains ...

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Talk About a Flamer

This LEGO sculpture depicts the very definition of a flamer. Made using every fiery LEGO piece he could get his hands on, David Pickett created Helios, the flaming LEGO monster. I can hear the cheesy action hero taglines now. “If you play with fire, you’re gonna get burrrrned, son.” Look, there might be other, easier ways to create your own ...

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The Prometheus Device Lets You Shoot Fire From the Palm of Your Hand

Everett Bradford created this insanely awesome “Prometheus Device” which lets you shoot fire from a hand-mounted flame thrower. The device makes you feel like a real superhero, or supervillain, for whichever purpose you decide to use your new found powers, good or evil, is up to you. Bradford’s also done a great job documenting the building process, but of course, ...

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Land Rover Defender: Fire & Ice Edition

You’d think that with the entire automotive industry in complete peril, a near-bankrupt company like Land Rover wouldn’t be cranking out limited edition luxury vehicles. But sure enough, it is and they are pretty sweet rides I must say. Only 850 “Fire & Ice” edition Defenders will be made and each will cost a whopping $95,000. The amenities? “The interior ...

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LEGO Fire Skull: Fewer Bricks Than You Might Think

Bricks aren’t the only neat buildables offered by LEGO. The LEGO flame attachments have their own little sub-culture of fandom, as seen through this awesome LEGO Fire Skull built by resident LEGO pyro Billy McGill. If your friends are more of the death metal-type, they might not be all that impressed with other styles of LEGO modeling. But this skull ...

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Water-powered Snakebot Firefighter Looks Like My Junk

We don’t get the chance to see many snakebots. There’s the Japanese M-Tran, a shape shifting robot, but that hardly counts as a snakebot. Anna Konda, however, is very much a snakebot. Despite looking and acting very similarly to a penis, Anna is really a firefighter. Anna has 20 joints, each with 33 degrees of freedom, giving it an extensive ...

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