Flamethrower Pistol Could be Useful in the Zombie Apocalypse

What’s the most effective weapon against a horde of mindless, brain-craving zombies?

A flamethrower, obviously.

One ambitious hacker has managed to create an actual, working flamethrower pistol. The construction of this anti-zombie weapon is actually pretty�ingenious�–�combining�copper tubing, laser-cut acrylic parts and the pulse-ignitor from a gas grill.

In a demonstration video, the hacker (who goes by the name PDRWLSN on Instructables) uses it to successfully melt snow off of his outdoor grill. Some people have criticized him for the obvious safety�implications�of using the device, since playing with flamethrowers is something usually reserved for experts.

At least he’ll be able to survive the zombie invasion.


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  1. FALSE!!

    Zombies can only be killed by destroying its brain, a flamethrower will only make a walking torch. These are zombie survival basics!

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