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Zombie-Proof Bike

This Zombie-Proof Bike, by UK insurance company ETA, includes all of the essentials for barreling through and surviving a zombie wave.

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Zombie Lawn Gnomes

Each of these Zombie Lawn Gnomes by Design Toscano costs about $56. They are cast in resin and hand painted by artisans in protective bubbles.

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10 more Gifts for Zombie Lovers

Zombie Sign

If you are a regular Gear Fuse reader or an avid zombie fan then more than likely you caught our "10 Zombie Gifts No One Needs But Everyone Wants" post. Today we want to share a few more great zombie gift ideas for those walking dead fans!

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Zombie Cookie Cutters

These Zombie Cookie Cutters allow you to create zombie-shaped cookies for every occasion. Though you probably shouldn't show up with a batch at grandma's funeral.

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