10 more Gifts for Zombie Lovers

If you are a regular Gear Fuse reader or an avid zombie fan then more than likely you caught our “10 Zombie Gifts No One Needs But Everyone Wants” post. Today we want to share a few more great zombie gift ideas for those walking dead fans!

#1. Zombie High Heeled Shoes AKA the Iron Fist Zombie Stomper.

Iron Fist Zombie Stomper
Via TheScreamStore.com

These incredible zombie stomping heels run for around $43 and are sure to make your zombie loving girlfriends squeel!

#2. The Zombie Plush Hat


Via ThinkGeek

Let your zombie loving friends share their brains with a zombie of their very own! This zombie brain eating hat retails for around $10.

#3. A Zombie Glass Decanter


Via Think Geek

Have a zombie loving friend who likes a drink once in a while? This zombie glass decanter retails for around $20 and is a great addition to and zombie fan’s collection.

#4. Zombie Poetry Magnets


Via Think Geek

Zombie poetry magnets retail for around $10 and make the ideal gift for that special someone…what better way to tell them you love them than with a zombie poem.

#5. The Walking Dead Compendium

Via Think Geek

The Walking Dead Compendium is a little pricey at around $50 but if your zombie lover is a follower of The Walking Dead then this is a must have gift idea.

#6. The Brain Candle


Brain Candle
Via Think Geek

The brain candle is a little pricey at $20…because after all it’s not made of real brains. That said though, this is a cute gift idea for any zombie lover…or brain lover for that matter.

#7. The Zombie Mug


Via Think Geek

This zombie mug is a cute and affordable buy for your zombie loving friends at just $13, but it does tend to run out of stock quite quickly so act fast.

#8. Zombie Slippers


Via Finders Creepers

There are a number of zombie slipper varieties around, these puppies will set you back about $40 but they are a pretty awesome gift!

#9. A Zombie Yard Sign


Via zedszombieranch on ETSY

This is one of our favorite zombie gift idea picks and it’ll only set you back around $25. Who doesn’t want a “trespassers will be eaten by zombies” sign in their yard?

#10. Zombie Outbreak Response Team T-Shirt


Via MTheoryClothing on EBay

There are a number of sellers of these Zombie Outbreak Response Team T-Shirt’s on eBay and most sell this shirt for around $13. If you’re going to give a zombie shirt, this is the one to give.

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