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Sittin’ Pretty: Couch Made From 6400 Nickels

Some people have a taste for the luxurious lifestyle while others just like to sit in their money. For the latter, there’s this amazing couch made from 6400 nickels. With over 35,000 welds and 350 feet of stiffing rods, this piece of furniture is truly a work of diligence and patience. The couch weighs about 125 pounds, so bring a ...

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Completely Unnecessary: The Bentley Laptop

Before we continue, we need to make sure you’re a black rapper with a ton of cash, bitches and no mortgages. If you meet the criteria, then proceed on to learn about an item that will not only make you look good, but will also allow you to wipe your ass with leather if you ever feel like it. Yes, ...

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Nordost’s $32,825 AV Cable

So here’s the biggest load of crap to hit the home entertainment market. The Whitelight Glass Fiber-optic Cable made by Nordost is supposed to deliver the best possible audio to your home theater. Your equipment better consist of McIntosh and nothing less, ’cause a pair of Whitelight cables will run you $32,825. Yes, that’s over thirty thousand dollars. I’m sure ...

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Doggy Dream Homes Are Bigger Than My Cardboard Box Apartment

I love dogs just as much as the next guy. Maybe even more so. But this is just getting a tad bit ridiculous. The Doggy Dream Homes provide your pup with comparatively more space than you probably have in your own home. The Dream Homes are made using the same materials used to construct your home (and superior materials if ...

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