Completely Unnecessary: The Bentley Laptop

Before we continue, we need to make sure you’re a black rapper with a ton of cash, bitches and no mortgages. If you meet the criteria, then proceed on to learn about an item that will not only make you look good, but will also allow you to wipe your ass with leather if you ever feel like it. Yes, it’s the Bentley laptop and yes, it’s real.

Unlike other high-end laptops (Lamborghini, Ferrari, etc.), this laptop costs significantly more and isn’t exactly the best computer on the market. Aside from the purse-like styling and fancy colored leather, the laptop features a beautiful Bentley logo, Windows Vista, “a 64-bit CPU” and a really lame 160GB hard drive. The price for the name of Bentley plastered on a shit item? $19,943.

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