4GB of Flash Drive Storage — And It’s Made of Gold

Okay, so maybe it’s not solid gold, but the golden flash drive being sold by “GeekStuff4U” is made to resemble an actual gold ingot. Each of these 4GB flash drives is “made to order”, and requires 15 days of “special handling” time. Oh, did I mention that you can’t cancel your order after submitting? Probably to keep you from second-guessing spending almost $200 on a fake gold ingot that’s also a mediocre flash drive.

The gold is actually gold leaf overlay, which is?manufactured?in Kanazawa City. Apparently that’s a big deal, because 99% of gold leaf manufacturing occurs in that area. The body of the flash drive is made of wood (Japanese bigleaf magnolia wood, if you care).

So, I suppose this means when your friends ask, “Do you have a flash drive?” you can show off just how much of a douchebag you are.

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