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The USB And Micro USB Flash Drive

USB And Micro USB Flash Drive

When it comes to gadgets that we just can't live without flash drives have to top the list every single time because...well, do you remember life before flash drives? Exactly. Well, things just got a little more exciting!

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Twist, Memory

A standard thumb drive with a Rubik's Cube theme suggests a puzzling approach to hardware interfaces.

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Game Boy Advance Cartridge Recycled Into a 4GB USB Flash Drive

Ahh, recycling. The ambitious man’s answer to hoarding. It might be hard for you to throw anything anyway, and that’s fine, as long as you can find some sort of meaningful use. Odds are that you’re never going to play your Game Boy Advance more than once or twice a decade for the rest of your life, so it’s time ...

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Furry Phones and Flash Drives

Look, it doesn’t make much sense to me either. Especially for those of us who like having sex with our gadgets. The fur is just gonna get all matted and ragged. Gross. I guess it makes some sort of sense if you treat your device like a pet rather than a sex object. Hopefully both aren’t mutually exclusive. Stroke him, ...

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Comb USB Flash Drive Keeps Data and Stray Hairs in Place

It’s hard to keep yourself well-groomed when you’re sitting in front of a computer screen all-day. Sometimes I look in the mirror and jump make in shock. “Who the hell is that grizzly hobo staring back at me?” This $35 USB Comb Drive gives me an excuse to perform the most basic of hygienic acts, no matter how busy I ...

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Star Wars Sandcrawler USB Flash Drive Will Horde Your Droids

Shipped directly from the Jawa of Tatooine, this Sandcrawler USB Flash Drive is the only suitable place to store images of your favorite droids. Unlike the Jawa, you’ll not likely be selling your droid images to isolated farmers of the desert planet, but you will have one kick-ass storage port.

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DIY: USB Cigar Flash Drive

All of the fun of cigars, without the smell! This helpful step-by-step DIY allows you to create your very own USB Cigar Flash Drive. A perfect gift for expecting fathers and dudes who like smoking cigars after successfully fending off an alien invasion. The drive glows orange like the hot embers of the finest stogies. When you delve into disk ...

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