The USB And Micro USB Flash Drive

When it comes to gadgets that we just can’t live without flash drives have to top the list every single time because…well, do you remember life before flash drives? Exactly. Well, things just got a little more exciting!

USB And Micro USB Flash Drive

ADATA has released a method of transferring files between various devices without relying on WiFi technology. The dual purpose flash drive features a USB and a micro USB port allowing you to store data on one stick and transfer it from a USB to a micro USB device (or vice versa.) That means that you can now transfer data between your smartphone and your laptop with ease…unless you have an iPhone…or an iPad.

The new USB device is labeled the DashDrive and the 16GB version retails for $17 where the 32GB retails for $26. That makes this a relatively affordable flash drive solution with a little more functional utility than other flash drive options currently available.

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