Why We Love The Dual USB Port Car Charger

When it comes to car “gadgets” there are plenty to choose from but the dual USB port car charger is on our “must have” list.

Dual USB Car Charger

The dual USB port car charger plugs in to any “cigarette lighter” and provides two USB ports with DC 5V,2100mA output. Plug in two iPhones for charging or any other USB devices and you’re ready for a road trip without worrying about draining your phone.

There are plenty of dual USB port chargers around but this particular one is from TheFancy and will run you just about $20. Although if you use the coupon code 20OFF16, you will get $20 off a $20 purchase. Yes, that means you only have to pay shipping which will run you all of $5.

That coupon code doesn’t just go for the dual port USB charger either, find anything you like that’s available through The Fancy for $20 and you’ll still just pay shipping. Buy something more than that and you get $20 off your total.

There are plenty of auto gadgets available through The Fancy if you are looking to deck your car out for an epic road trip. We suggest starting with the dual port USB car charger but adding the inflatable car bed, the car French fry holder, the Bluetooth car adapter and the cup holder swivel tray!

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