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AV T-Shirt for Audio Visual Nerds

Right, that’s what I’ve always wanted to do. Be transformed into a walking, talking PA system. That really helps me with my self-worth as a human. Take that machines! This AV T-Shirt takes your love for all things audio and visual and sticks it right on your back. Does is help project your voice like a mic or even transmit ...

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Because High School Sucked: The AV T-Shirt

Who needs friends when you’ve got all these ports! If you worked in the AV club in high school or do that shit for a living now, this shirt was made for you. It resembles the back of an expensive McIntosh receiver as far as my eye can see. Link

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Nordost’s $32,825 AV Cable

So here’s the biggest load of crap to hit the home entertainment market. The Whitelight Glass Fiber-optic Cable made by Nordost is supposed to deliver the best possible audio to your home theater. Your equipment better consist of McIntosh and nothing less, ’cause a pair of Whitelight cables will run you $32,825. Yes, that’s over thirty thousand dollars. I’m sure ...

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