Logitech’s Premiere Edition Wireless Guitar Is Nicer Than The Real Thing

Yes! Even more Guitar Hero guitars that, much like the players, try desperately hard to be the real thing. This time around, Logitech is releasing the gorgeous Wireless Guitar Controller Premiere Edition for $250. Screw spending the $250 on a real guitar. Real guitars are for old people.

As far as fake guitars go, this thing leaves all the other guitar controllers in the dust. The body of the controller is solid, the neck is made of real wood, the frets and tuning peg handles are metal and the fingerboard is rosewood. It’s also on par with the Rock Band guitar controller in terms of a quiet strum bar. You’ll find this guitar more intricate than that Gibson Les Paul you never learned how to play. It’s compatible with the Playstation 2 and Playstation 3 versions of Guitar Hero titles.

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