Peak Releases New Full-Size Guitar Hero Controller

You’ll never look cool playing on those plastic guitars from Red Octane that feel like they were designed for a gnome. It’s a good thing Peak is releasing these full-size wood guitars for the PS2 and PS3. Sorry, Wii and 360 rockers, looks like you’ll be playing the world’s smallest violin.

Both Guitar Hero and Rock Band are compatible with the new guitar and trust me, the groupies that’ll lay you enjoy both games equally. The Starpex guitar comes with both a wired and wireless option for connectivity. Getting too much wireless interference screwing with your chance at five star-ing Dragonforce? Plug that 15-inch cord in and you’re back in business. The Starpex will be available in August for $179.95, a price that even rock gods can appreciate.

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  1. I am going to buy 2 of these! It has the look and feel of a real Fender. It is a high quality wood product with sweet details.

  2. i have to laugh, make something like that is easy just make a real guitar and add the guitar hero electrcal components in the real guitar and then your done
    i did that with my xbox 360 guitar hero controller i made it full size but better guitar body,
    A B.C. Rich jr.V guitar body so their my comment means something oh and fender,… not good enought its about B.C. Rich , Dean, and Gibson Guitars, fenders are to cheap depending on the hardware. oh and all wood breaks and chips PEOPLE!
    if i wasnt smart then ill buy it for sure but dont need to cause of my knowledge HAHA!!

  3. The Woody Rocker is cheaper at $100. They come in 5 colors. The down side is its wired but so is a real guitar so not that big of a deal. It works with guitar hero and rock band.

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