Holy Cow! Guitar Hero Controller MIDI Conversion


This is the shit. Sorry, but there’s really no other way to describe my excitement for this mod. For under $100, including the cost of the controller, Dave was able to create a full-fledged MIDI controller from a wireless Guitar Hero guitar. Wondering what you can do with it? Check this out:

With the current version you can:
play 2 octaves of an 8 note scale at a time
change the starting note anywhere in the range of a regular keyboard
change octaves
change keys
change tonal modes (Ionian, Mixolydian, Lydian, Dorian, Aeolian, Phrygian, Locrian)
change the timbre of a sound
change the resonance of a sound
use the whammy bar to pitchbend
play chords in the mode you have the guitar set to (major/minor/etc.)
rock out with a video game toy

The guitar used was the wireless model for the Nintendo Wii. It looks like you might really need to know your shit about circuit patterns and MIDI, but hey, the payoff is incredible. Now all you need is a friend with a TUIST and you’re ready to rock.

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  1. If possible, I would like to know how to do this.

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