Guitar Hero 4 Controller Might Have Additional Buttons


Shivers me timbers and call me DIY! I just bought a Guitar Hero controller yesterday and now the boys at Giz’ are saying that Guitar Hero 4‘s controller will have additional fret-button-thingies. Sheesh. The case for this new accusation? A GH promo page shows an expanded drum kit and additional frets on the guitar. This could really make modding the controller interesting come later this year…


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  1. those aren’t buttons, there just a part of the design on the neck…..

  2. thats prolly like Rockband….how it has buttons on the high part of the neck……

  3. i heard that it’s touchscreen

  4. Who’d you hear it from?

  5. That’s a “slide” area. There are some sections in a song that’ll have notes that are really close together, kind of like hammer-ons and pull-offs, where you can just put your finger(s) on that area and slide between notes without strumming. Saw it in a trailer at Wal-Mart.

  6. It’s also used for tapping long streams of notes. This video on Youtube shows you.

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