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Apple Announces Safari 4 Beta

I don’t know about you, but as a full-fledged Mac user, I get very sick of using the de facto browser, Firefox. It’s big, bloated and uses up all my resources on my iMac G5. Loading up JavaScript-heavy websites? Go get a drink, because it’s going to take a good hour for Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Digg to finish loading. ...

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Have Some Chocolate On The House

Here you go. Delicious milk chocolate. Go ahead, take a bite. HA! I got you good! Quit crying about your broken tooth, pussy. Had you not been such a fat slob for chocolate, you would have taken three seconds to confirm that this is the 4 port USB hub you were trying to borrow. Now you’ve gone and bit it, ...

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Guitar Hero 4 Controller Might Have Additional Buttons

Shivers me timbers and call me DIY! I just bought a Guitar Hero controller yesterday and now the boys at Giz’ are saying that Guitar Hero 4‘s controller will have additional fret-button-thingies. Sheesh. The case for this new accusation? A GH promo page shows an expanded drum kit and additional frets on the guitar. This could really make modding the ...

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