Is Your Boss A Dick? Piss Him Off With This Guitar Hero Necktie

geetar hero tie

Mr. Baxter upstairs is very upset with you. He’s well aware that you and your “crew” have been taking extra-long lunches so you can squeeze in matches of Guitar Hero in the break room. Yes, with every missed chord in YYZ, Mr. Baxter grows tired of your game and would really love it if you got back to your desk and finished those reports on moose statistics.

But you’re a rebel. Just like Lou Reed and Joey Ramone, you’re not gonna give in to the man. So while he may have thrown the Playstation 2 you were using in the break room out the window, the spirit of your shredding still lives on with this Guitar Hero necktie. It’s just like the controller, except it feels oh-so soft.


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