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Insane PS2 Game Collection

Look, it’s true, we’re totally envious of this guy’s massive PS2 game collection, we’re just not sure we’d sacrifice any sort of chance we might have had had at a love life just so we could claim to have one of the largest game collections ever. Over the years Syd from Collecterz has accumulated well over 1200 PS2 games, the ...

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Confirmed: $99 Playstation 2 Drops Tomorrow

Just a quick update here. Yesterday, we posted about a rumor concerning the Playstation 2 and a very slick $99 price point. Turns out the rumor is indeed true and the better news is that you won’t have to wait until April 5th to pick one up. According to the official Playstation blog, the system will be available tomorrow for ...

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Indie Devs Rejoice: Playstation 2 Is Open Platform In Europe

It might seem like the Playstation 2 is going the way of the dodo, but it’s not even close to burning out. That’s because Sony Europe’s developer relations manager George Bain announced that it’s no longer necessary for developers to submit upcoming titles to Sony for content approval. This makes the Playstation 2 officially an open platform, allowing indie developers ...

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Logitech’s Premiere Edition Wireless Guitar Is Nicer Than The Real Thing

Yes! Even more Guitar Hero guitars that, much like the players, try desperately hard to be the real thing. This time around, Logitech is releasing the gorgeous Wireless Guitar Controller Premiere Edition for $250. Screw spending the $250 on a real guitar. Real guitars are for old people. As far as fake guitars go, this thing leaves all the other ...

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Smuggling Drugs With A Playstation 2

Good idea: buying a PS2 to play some sick games. Bad idea: buying a PS2 to gut it and smuggle drugs into your country. That’s just what these three men, two Canadians and a New Zealander, are accused of. Well, not so much accused but more like getting caught red handed. Australian customs detected the parcel containing the drugs at ...

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