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Logitech’s $200 Guitar Hero Controller

Holy smokes! For $200, you could buy a real guitar! Look at this thing. Fake humbucker pickup, tremolo bridge, rosewood fretboard – this thing is over the top. It also apparently will get really good battery life and will work with both Rock Band and Guitar Hero titles. Hey, to each his own but I’m comfortable with the basic Fender ...

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Logitech’s Premiere Edition Wireless Guitar Is Nicer Than The Real Thing

Yes! Even more Guitar Hero guitars that, much like the players, try desperately hard to be the real thing. This time around, Logitech is releasing the gorgeous Wireless Guitar Controller Premiere Edition for $250. Screw spending the $250 on a real guitar. Real guitars are for old people. As far as fake guitars go, this thing leaves all the other ...

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Logitech Io2 digital pen, yet another no one will buy

How many times have you wished that those notes you took could be transfered into your computer for editing? Not too many… Well, that might explain why not too many people have caught onto the digital pen idea. Not only is it awkward to hold something of this size and write with it, it is just dumb to spend $150 ...

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Logitech X-240 speakers have built-in (hickory dickory) dock

Computer stereo systems are an annoyance. They are never as good as you want them to be, they lack the ease of usability that we all strive to find, and most of the models on the open market are rehashed versions of stock speakers with a different skin. The Logitech X-240 might not be audiophile quality (in fact it’s similar ...

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Money ain’t a thing: Logitech’s 200$ Keyboard

Sure its not the 1200 dollar Optimus keyboard, but seriously who cares. If peripherals are your thing then you probably already have a nice laser Logitech mouse, like say the MX Revolution (100$). And the perfect companion for your overpriced mouse is a 200$ 199$ keyboard. The “ultra-slim Logitech diNovo Edge” apparently makes trackpads obsolete, and it should for that ...

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