Kvant Motorbike: A Dream Vehicle for the Residents of Planet Hoth


When I first saw the these renderings of the Kvant Motorbike, sort of a cross between a snowmobile and a motorcycle, my first thought was “Wow, those really would have been a convenient way for the Rebels to get around Hoth. The tauntauns just didn’t seem to be cutting it.”

Wouldn’t most people be dreaming about owning one of these babies themselves, rather than worrying about the comfort of Luke Skywalker? I think I have issues. (Though, to the tauntauns credit, the guts of Kvant Motorbikes aren’t nearly as comfy and warm as the smelly innards of those clumsy mount creatures.)



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  1. That’s a really weird looking machine – I wonder if it’s designed to lean into corners in the same way as a motorcycle.

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