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Star Wars Wampa Cake

Complete with a severed arm and cherry preserve “blood and guts” filling, the Wampa Birthday Cake celebrates my favorite amputated snow monster on the entire planet of Hoth. Buttercream frosting and the DIYer’s mom’s patented sour cream pound cake recipe make this Wampa considerably more tasty than the real thing, but not nearly as fun to cuddle with. Alicia Policia ...

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Save Yourself a Trip To Hoth and Just Buy Your Own Wampa Rug

Save the airfare. Don’t stress about finding a ship pilot that’s actually willing to fly you into the harsh frozen wasteland of Hoth. There’s no need. We know why you’re going. And it’s no longer necessary. ThinkGeek has removed the need to travel across the universe just to pick up an authentic Wampa Rug. No bloodshed (at least on your ...

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Dead Tauntaun Wedding Cake: Complete with Nearly Dead Luke Skywalker

While it might not have been Luke’s proudest moment, Han Solo saved Skywalker from certain death in the Empire Strikes Back by slicing open a freshly dead Tauntaun and shoving the unconscious Jedi into the depths of the animal’s guts. Still warm, the heat of the dead animal saved Luke from freezing to death in the harsh Hoth climate. This ...

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Kvant Motorbike: A Dream Vehicle for the Residents of Planet Hoth

When I first saw the these renderings of the Kvant Motorbike, sort of a cross between a snowmobile and a motorcycle, my first thought was “Wow, those really would have been a convenient way for the Rebels to get around Hoth. The tauntauns just didn’t seem to be cutting it.” Wouldn’t most people be dreaming about owning one of these ...

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