Save Yourself a Trip To Hoth and Just Buy Your Own Wampa Rug

Save the airfare. Don’t stress about finding a ship pilot that’s actually willing to fly you into the harsh frozen wasteland of Hoth. There’s no need. We know why you’re going. And it’s no longer necessary. ThinkGeek has removed the need to travel across the universe just to pick up an authentic Wampa Rug. No bloodshed (at least on your part) is necessary.

While the Wampa Rug isn’t in stock quite yet (we imagine it takes a while to kill and stuff enough Wampi to meet the demand) the rugs will ship around August 25th. So you might have to wait a little bit longer then you might if you handled it yourself, but just let the professionals take care of it. And you can’t beat the price. $99? Shit, just imagine the number of galactic credits you’d have to shell out just so you can do all the work yourself.


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