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Avenging Unicorn Action Figure is Not a Fan of Mimes

Unicorns are graceful, gorgeous and delicious, and they also happen to have no sense of humor. Take a comedic jab at a unicorn and you can expect two feet of pure horn right through your chest. The Avenging Unicorn toy comes with a collection of four different horns and three victims, including a mime. Sadly, no hipsters are included. You ...

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2001: A Space Odyssey Monolith… The Action Figure?

Featuring a grand total of zero points of articulation, one of the most iconic images of sci-fi film history is now available in “inactive” figure form. Capable of spurring evolution amongst your other action figures, the 6.75″ monolith is made of “semisynthetic, organic, amorphous, solid materials.” In other words, plastic. But don’t get too excited just yet, the Monolith Action ...

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Magic Slate Mousepad: Doodle and Drag

Remember those Magic Slate drawing pads from when you were a kid? You know the ones. You’d draw a little picture, or if you were like me, draw an indistinguishable blob of squiggle, lift up the page to erase and start all over. ThinkGeek has employed this technology into the Scratch & Scroll, part Magic Slate, part mousepad. A true ...

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501 Things to Do with a Zombie

Hey, here’s a novel idea. It’s a called a ‘book.’ And instead of a screen, you read the words off of pieces of paper which you ‘turn’ to continue the story. It sounds like a novelty item to me. But regardless, this book, “501 Things to Do with a Zombie,” lists a large number of activities you and your zombie ...

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Duct Tape Tie

Duct tape, long considered to be a tool of the gods, is useful for more than just fixing anything in need of being fixed. Duct tape fashion is not necessarily a new thing. I remember seeing girls in high school who thought they were particularly unique and artsy walking around with duct tape purses. I’m not a particularly crafty man ...

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Star Wars Costumes for Your Pets

We’ve had several posts about dogs wearing Star Wars costumes, but never have we had the chance to actually buy disguises for man’s best friend ourselves. ThinkGeek has just added a set of Star Wars costumes, custom made for your furry companion. Some might say it’s cruel and unusual to dress your doggy up as Yoda, Princess Leia or Darth ...

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