ThinkGeek Has Some Pretty Tempting Holiday Sales

If you’re a geek, retail website ThinkGeek is probably one of your favorite for searching for interesting, useless or just plain cool geek gear. A humping dog flash drive? A guitar shirt that actually lets you strum out chords? A necklace with the chemical model of caffeine? I don’t know about you, but every time I visit the site, I’m tempted to fill my e-cart with all sorts of geeky stuff.

No, this isn’t an advertisement for ThinkGeek. We’d just like to let you know that their holiday sales are looking pretty awesome.

Dubbed the Holiday “Warp 9” deals, you can pick up these interesting gizmos for reduced prices:

  • Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter
  • Pocket Retro Game Emulator
  • Giant Plush Microbes
  • Electronic Butterfly in a Jar

So, if you’re searching for some geeky gifts, you might want to check out ThinkGeek’s holiday sales — if only because they don’t suck.


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