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4 Gifts For Your Technophile This Christmas!


If you are looking for a gift for the technophile in your life this Christmas then look no further…okay, maybe you will have to since we only have four gift ideas to share with you today but still, they are pretty great ones! Four Technophile Gifts For Your Christmas List! 1.  Hypnosquare It’s not the Hypnotoad but there is something ...

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Arc Reactor Coasters Make For Great Geek Gifts

Arc Reactor Coasters

With Christmas coming up fast we wanted to take a look at some good gift ideas for the tech lovers and geeks in your life, today we ran across these awesome arc reactor coasters. Perfect for the Marvel lover in your life or as a stocking stuffer for the geek at heart, these arc reactor coasters make for the perfect ...

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Space Invaders Wrapping Paper

Spread the geeky Christmas cheer with this rad Space Invaders Wrapping Paper. If your present is strong enough to fend off an advanced galactic army, it must be the greatest present of the bunch. Hands down. Link [via]

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Pixelated Posey Necklace is Perfect for Mother’s Day

Geeks, software engineers and bloggers take note: Mother’s Day is May 11th. Don’t disappoint Mom again this year by giving her shit like that self-erasing paper she can’t figure out with Python code written all over it (import > loveyamom.py.) Moms love stuff like flowers, gardening and jewelry. Why not get her a gift that draws influence from all three ...

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