9 Bacon Products Every Bacon Lover Needs

Do you have a bacon lover in your house? Or maybe just someone who is exceptionally difficult to buy for who happens to like bacon? Take a look at these 9 bacon products that every bacon lover needs!

Bacon Underwear

Via methodshop.com

1. Bacon Underwear

Bacon Chapstick

2. Bacon Chapstick

Bacon Jam

Via spoonforkbacon.com

3. Bacon Jam

Bacon Candy

4. Bacon Candy

Bacon Jellybeans

5. Bacon Jellybeans

Bacon Soap

6. Bacon Soap

Bacon Bandaids

7. Bacon Bandaids

Bacon Candy Canes

8. Bacon Candy Canes

Bacon Coffee

9. Bacon Coffee

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