Pixelated Posey Necklace is Perfect for Mother’s Day


Geeks, software engineers and bloggers take note: Mother’s Day is May 11th. Don’t disappoint Mom again this year by giving her shit like that self-erasing paper she can’t figure out with Python code written all over it (import > loveyamom.py.) Moms love stuff like flowers, gardening and jewelry. Why not get her a gift that draws influence from all three – yet – still lets her know you’re her special dork?

Enter the Pixelated Posey Necklace. A beautiful pixelated lilac hangs from a purple lace strap ever so elegantly. Plus, there’s a good chance your mother is in love with lilacs. At $25, you really can’t go wrong unless UPS breaks it.

Remember. May 11th. It’s a Sunday. Don’t say I didn’t give you the heads up…

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