Blood Puddle Pillow to scare your loved ones


This pillow is a hint of pure genius. Designed to look like a splattered puddle of blood under your head. In the images it looks pretty realistic and could be a really cruel joke to pull on your family. Although your wife will probably make you take your blood pillow and sleep on the couch for a few weeks after this. For even more realism, sleep with a gun in your hands and lay like one of those corpse chalk prints. Extra points for more than one scream!



Andrew Dobrow


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  1. You suck ugly botches

  2. thats disturbing.

  3. HAHAHAHAHA that is awesome

  4. keep your day job

  5. Carolyn Thompson

    Must have! Where can I get one?

  6. if anyone did that to me, the blood pillow would be considerably larger. and less fake.

  7. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew i thought that was a real dude with blood!!!!! D:

  8. wow tasha you should try getting a job. and i know its hard for someone as stupid and lazy as you , but retards can get jobs 2. oh and you over weight, its nasty, how does your new boyfriend look at you naked>. he must be retarded but your just wanting to be like your friends and date “SPECIAL” people. did your boyfriend graduate with a pecial education daploma 2?

  9. uhmm, no offence buddy,
    thats a lame ‘prank. And it doesn’t look cool or real. and whats the point?? ^o)

  10. that is so wack i love it i kinda want to find out how to get one i could totaly get my boyfriend with it he would laugh his ass off lol

  11. omg this is awesome lol this is funny to me . i love it and i would loooooove to buy one lol

  12. let me buy one 😀

  13. thats creative! xD lol i want one now!!!! hahahahaa

  14. its very fake

  15. That’s nasty, but downright hilarious. Just don’t play it on anyone with a more serious mind, or you’ll be in a lot of trouble!


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