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An Intelligent Sleep Mask To Help You Sleep Better


Do you have trouble sleeping? Can you sleep with a sleep mask on? Then the "Zizz" could be just what you're looking for. The Zizz is an artificially intelligent sleep mask that is designed to improve your sleeping experience. Created by a Warsaw-based startup called IQ Intelclinic, the Zizz utilizes sensors to monitor the sleep cycles of the wearer.

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Circadian Sleep Clock Refreshes Your Schedule

Humans, all animals really, run on an internal clock known as a circadian rhythm. Well, maybe I should say that humans SHOULD run on a circadian rhythm. A proper schedule becomes harder and harder to maintain as we work more, sleep less or just sleep at the wrong times. Since our circadian rhythm is governed mostly by the Sun, the ...

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Super Nintendo Bed

With a starting price of $20,000, the SNES-inspired iCon Bed isn’t for the casual gamer. But for someone who has devoted what amounts to several years of total gaming time, this bed is probably one of the coolest things you’ve ever seen. Equipped with a Hollandia adjustable 3D mattress, the iCon Bed also comes fully stocked with gadgetry goodness, including ...

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Mobile Mobile Will Put Giant Geeky Monster Babies to Sleep

Even horrendous geeky monsters have babies in need of some mobile-aided relaxation. The hideous beasts will be wooed into sleepy land with this wonderful Mobile Mobile. Ohh, look at all the pretty phones. The Mobile Mobile is the result of an agency-wide upgrade which left UK-based Lost Boys International with 50 defunct HTC devices. Being the devilshly creative firm that ...

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Millennium Falcon Bed: Take A Snooze, Just Don’t Get Cocky

She might be a pile of junk, but she’s got it where it counts. One thing no one complained about aboard the Millennium Falcon was the comfort. With all of that seating space, it’s no wonder that the comfort level was the one thing Skywalker couldn’t bitch about. Experience the ship’s comfort yourself with this awesome Millennium Falcon-inspired bed. Complete ...

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Superhero Robes: It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, No! It’s an Average Man!

Who hasn’t dreamed of one day being a superhero? It’s one of those ambitions that you never lose as you transition from child to adult. When you’re a kid, you wear pajamas featuring your favorite superhero’s emblem. Some PJs even featured a cape for ultra-realism. Now, as adults, we can get somewhat of the same effect in a slightly matured ...

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Fiber Optic Bed Cover and Pillow Will Fit Right In

If you’ve already been rocking some glowing furniture, your other rooms must be feeling pretty dark and drab. Sure, you might sort of like sleeping in the dark like a normal person, but the addition of a luminous Fiber Optic Pillow and Bed Cover seems like the sort of glow we could get used to. I don’t understand the whole ...

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Because Sometimes Your Life Needs A Reboot

Long day? Looking to chill out and ignore the bullshit of everyday life? We feel ya, brother. Pick up a set of these Ctrl+Alt+Delete pillows. They’re not only kitschy as hell, but they also are made from recycled plastic bottles. See? You can save the planet and take a nap at the same time. Etsy saves the day yet again! ...

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