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Chalk Chess Set

You can play chess on any surface (other than water). Looking for a quick pick-up game? Just draw your own board with one of the chalk chess pieces and you’re good to go. The pieces might not be as ornate or as cool as some other boards we’ve seen, but it makes up for it with pure utility. The only ...

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Chalk Board Mug Improves Household Communication

The hustle and bustle of modern times leaves few extra seconds to communicate with the people you live with, most commonly, your family. Thanks to cellphones and e-mail, we can still remain in close contact, but there’s something about seeing the actual handwriting of a loved one that adds a dose of personality into a message. The Chalk Board Mug ...

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Chalk Chess: Artfully Designed

Chalk Chess is the brainchild of UK design studio SUCK. Each piece is a piece of chalk that can be used to draw a chess board anywhere you please. Just draw a grid, color it in with your pieces and you’re ready to whoop anyone’s ass in a straight-thuggin’ game of chess. Though it’s just a prototype at the moment, ...

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Blood Puddle Pillow to scare your loved ones

This pillow is a hint of pure genius. Designed to look like a splattered puddle of blood under your head. In the images it looks pretty realistic and could be a really cruel joke to pull on your family. Although your wife will probably make you take your blood pillow and sleep on the couch for a few weeks after ...

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