2009 Harley Davidson V-Rod Muscle

If you’re a real American, you buy American. Nothing beats a true Harley Davidson for touring the country, getting laid and fucking people up in bar fights. The new 2009 V-Rod Muscle motorcycle continues that tradition while also raising the bar for badass bikes everywhere.

You’ll find a liquid-cooled 1250cc Revolution V-Twin engine that outputs ~122 HP and 86 ft lbs of torque at 6500 RPMs. Check out the styling though. Specifically, the Brembo brakes, 240mm rear tire, dual straight shot side pipe exhausts and a generally clean look overall. At $18,000 it’s one of the most expensive motorcycles on the consumer market.

…but you know it’s so worth it.

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  1. I think its great that Harley continues to expand it’s model base and although I love the Night Rod Special, the Muscle looks pretty good too. But come on guys, Muscle…really?

  2. Well, why not? It’s American.

  3. My friend had a Harley.

    She is 4″2 and loves hers.

    I’m now thinking of purchasing one.

    I’m not really into Harleys, however, she showed me the VRod and I love it.

    Any feedback?


  4. Nice bike but not really a muscle bike with 122 hp.

  5. he’s right 150 hp would more like it ! bad ass rear end though.

  6. Just rode one. For an out of the box Harley this baby will move. Heard claims of 70 m.p.h. in 2nd with plenty left to go. I liked it once, I remembered where to put my feet.

  7. I just purchased a 2009 Vrod Muscle on Saturday….traded in my 2007 Sportster 883C and all I have to say is it is the funnest bike I have ever riden. Powerful, comfortable, a sure fire head turner…..money well spent in my opinion. I can’t believe it’s a harley and while old school purist may not like it becuase it doesn’t look or sound like a harley…..I am thoroughly impressed with this bike.

    If you think it’s not a muscle bike with 122 hp…take it for a ride and see if you can hold on to the handle bars 😉

  8. I bought one of the first ones in western N.Y. It is my first Harley although I’ve riden quite a few. I’ve riden sport bikes all my life and the Muscle is an excellent cross between sport and touring bikes. I am definitely impressed and wouldn’t trade it for a different bike at this time. You have to really ride one to appreciate it. Thanks, Dan.

  9. I was wondering if anyone here has rode both the Muscle as well as the Night Rod and if so could give me there impressions of both and which of the two they preferred and why.
    More specifically which felt more comfortable. I own an ’06 Ultra as well as an ’04 Superglide I have never had much interest in the v-rod until the aforementioned two came out. I’m not a rich man by a long shot, but I am seriously considering buying a v-rod. I have sat on both at the dealer but have not had an opportunity to ride either due to the weather. I’m 6’1″ tall and the distance between the forward controls and seat position of the muscle seem closer than the Night Rod.

  10. Just to reiterate the question from Mark, I can’t decide between a night rod and a muscle. Any experience of both machines? Has anyone compared the Night Rod to a Brough Superior SS100 ? What a classic bike!
    Comments would be appreciated.

    Nick (UK)

  11. I bought my Muscle in Sept 2008 and I say for a fact its one hell of a bike! I dont see how Harley could improve it but if they do I would have to consider going for the improved model. As a Muscle owner I can only say its the best purchase I have ever made. Its one SWEET MACHINE!!!!!

  12. I’m in Daytona Beach for Bike Week. I rode the VRod Muscle today and it was a blast. I also rode several other bikes from BMW’s to the Triumph Rocket. NOTHING compares with the Muscle in terms of performance and handling. It is fast as heck and smooth as silk. I’m seriously considering trading in my HD Deuce for one next week…I was that impressed.

  13. I have owned multiple bikes over the years, but never a Harley until now. I purchased a 2009 V-Rod Muscle and I am absolutely enthralled by it. The preformance is as close to my ZO6 that I care to experience on 2 wheels and the styling is what sold me. Harley did a great job integrating the turn signals into the mirror arms and rear brake light. The bike is lean, low and fast…what else could you want, but it is actually comfortable to ride. The tree, instrument cluster and handlebars all look like billet work. They have hidden all the wiring in the handlebars and the brushed aluminum exhaust really does the bbike justice. I’m not a distance rider, but for 2-4 hours it is a joy. It turns plenty of heads and most people who haven’t seen one can almost not believe it’s a Harley. I’m hooked.

  14. I have to admit, MJ, I’m quite jealous.

  15. Never been a big Harley head until I rode the V-Rod and Night Rod. I was looking to get a nicer house in the down economy but after the test ride I didn’t want to leave without being able to take the V-Rod with me!!!! One bad azzz ride that tosses me backwards with thrust every twist of the wrist! If this was a response to the M109 they did a really good job! The beanie weenies I’m eating for dinner to pay for the bike never tasted so dayum good!!!

  16. This is peace of crap, but its american. Muscle with 122 hp? No way. Look similar Triumph, he is best in almost any segment. But Triumph is not american ;).

  17. And, yes, look like a bus.

  18. popson – you need to learn how to write English….what a tool you are.

    To all the folks that have a muscle thank you for your feedback. I have always ridden sportbikes but the harley vrod muscle is an awesome bike…I can’t wait to take the plunge and buy one by year end…

  19. after 6 months of looking at every bike on the market, i just purchased my 09 muscle. my vivid black baby brings a smile to my face every time i look at it. the only thing harley about it is the emblems… shift points, handling, and flat out acceleration scream sport bike, but the comfy seat and riding position make it much better. its a great bike for those, like me, who are too old for a crotch rocket, but feel they are not old enough for a lazy boy on 2 wheels. the performance for a box stocker is impressive, and im sure any time now the aftermarket upgrades will catch up. it is frustrating seeing all the upgrades on the market marked “except vrscf” , but im sure that will change soon. great all around bike, definatly not a descision i regret making.

  20. I have an 09 Muscle (brilliant silver), and all I can say is WOW, love at first sight! I purchased the optional abs and security system and they are great. I ride, although this is my first Harley due to the fact I have always loved bikes with power and speed. The Muscle has both and at 6,000 + rpm it takes every ounce of strentgh to stay on. From the clean tough looks to the 70 + mph in just about 3 seconds, it is awsome. Yes I said 3 seconds. I love this bike and all I can say to anyone debating on buying one is do it! You will not regret it. This bike is a head turner and gets a comment everytime I am on it. The only problem is the gas tank is always empty and my wife is still jealous due to the fact I am in the garage staring at it when I’m not riding it.

  21. Bought my ’09 Muscle New Years eve, so far I’ve put about 1,500 mi on it. It’s a blast to ride. I can rip through the curves, tear through traffic, and destroy any other cruiser from light to light. Shifting out of 1st gear you’re at about 60, out of 2nd almost 90, 3rd 110+ 4th I’ve seen 125 but I didn’t look down after that, I haven’t even pushed 5th yet. The only complaint I have is it’s lack of torque. If it had some more bottom end there wouldn’t be too many bikes that could touch it. Pinned in 3rd gear and hammering into 4th is when this thing really comes to life, I still havent’ seen what it will do much after that. Over all though it’s a great bike to ride, the seat doesn’t look comfortable at all but suprisingly is. I ride every chance I get which is normally only the weekends and still put quite a few miles on. Go test ride one.

  22. I bought my 09 muscle in july 09. Have rode long and short riders. a head Turner yes power yes not to mention its american but harley has some of the best customer service there is you arent just buying into a bike but a way of life. They don’t just sell you a bike and say see ya they follow up with ya I’ve Bought almost every make brand new never had that kinda service the only thing that could improve the vrod muscle is a built in vagina cause it has everything else to suit a mans needs! Marty

  23. I test rode a Night Rod V-Rod Muscle last summer and came THIS close to getting one. It was smooth, comfortable, and rediculously fast. I had 4000 miles on my father’s Harley at that point, and have always been very impressed with the quality of HD products. But then I rode a Suzuki GSX-R. I went with it.

    I can do 115mph in 2nd gear. I’m a happy man.

  24. vrod mussle dec 08 very maroon and shiny iv done 9000km im 5.8 tall bike fits me good holding the throttle open is fun its pretty low though around couners i suppose its got little out riggers to tell you thats tirs arr soft compound i might need some more very soon any ideas on other tirers any body putting oil in i have

  25. I like the title of this, but you guys should know that about 70% of Harley’s are made overseas. On most the breaks are Yamaha. Yes disappointing I know. I live in Milwaukee and the brake systems used to be made here. But not any longer…….

  26. The vrod muscle obviously is not for everyone. But for those who prefer cruising for their enjoyment, rather then dropping a knee into a corner, the vrod muscle is a great way to go. It’s style and character is admired by most who see it on the street; this is a shared experience by all muscle owners, I see. My more traditional Harley never attracted more attention. Onlookers walk past Ducatis’, R1’s and Ninjas to look and comment on my bike. Cars chase me down to the next traffic light to get another look. We muscle owners also wanted performance and we know the notched seat is a design of function not style. A quick flick of the wrist can be extremely dangerous for first timers, but for us vrod muscle owners, it truly is what quality time traffic light to traffic light should be…when we’re not laid back cruising.

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