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Essentials for Every Vehicle

car tyre

Whether you’re contemplating buying a brand-new vehicle, or one that’s had one (or more) previous owners, there are certain features and essentials that you’re going to need, to ensure you and your passengers are safe when traveling from A to B. Here are just a few considerations to keep in mind as you’re car shopping: Insurance The right insurance policy ...

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The First Electric Lamborghini

While Tesla is still the head of the class in terms of electric super cars, there are plenty of auto-enthusiasts and Lambo devotees who still don’t have an alternative green vehicle to add to their luxury car collection. Designer Andrei Avarvarii designed the Lamborghini Minotauro as a smooth and voluptuous green alternative to the angular and sharp design of the ...

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Eyelashes for Your Car

You have no idea the jealousy your car is capable of. About 80% of all car accidents are caused by your vehicles spite for the way you’ve been treating it. Sure, I’ll take you to get a manicure. Trip to the salon? Sure, no problem. No problem at all. Though I must say it’s funny how you have all this ...

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Zipper Boat Unzips The Naughty Ocean’s Pants

Japanese artist Yasuhiro Suzuki built this boat to look as if it were unzipping the water if seen from an airplane or helicopter. The effect is quite good and the ocean seems to love it, dirty slut that it is. Seriously, a $250 dinner and you never call? Screw you ocean! Virgin my ass. After the jump check out the ...

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Human-Powered Car Can Travel at Speeds Up To 60 MPH

If you’re devoted to leaving as little of a carbon footprint as possible, or if your name is Fred Flintstone, the HumanCar Imagine PS by Charles Greenwood is one of the greenest vehicles you’ll ever see. The HumanCar sits four and is powered through human power via cranking / paddling. When four people are cranking away, the car can travel ...

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Seabreacher X Takes Shark Week to a Whole New Level

While this isn’t the first-time that Seabreacher has introduced a trailblazing, adrenaline-gushing, limit-pressing submersible water vehicle, this is by far their most extreme creation yet. The Seabreacher X starts where the Seabreacher J left off. Now with a Shark-inspired body rather than that of a dolphin, the Seabreacher X boosts the performance with a 260hp supercharged engine, allowing the vehicle ...

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Terrestrial Shrub Rover Recreates the Old Cartoon-y Moving Shrub Hiding Trick

Don’t mind me, I’m just a harmless little shrub… on wheels… with a stalker inside… taking pictures of you bent over. The Terrestrial Shrub Rover, built by Justin Shull, is a movable shrub with enough room inside for one person and three LCD cameras (or about 300 of these mini-cams). A remote webcam version is still on the workbench. Hit ...

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Carstache Makes Your Vehicle More Sophisticated

Once your car has a mustache it’ll never want to return to its hairless ways. Just look what happened to Alex Trebek once he ditched his mustache. Rumor has it that he was mauled by zebras and his current replacement is a scientifically-created genetic clone. Luckily the government knows better now then to leave our nations game show hosts unduplicated. ...

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Old Bumper Cars Modded Into Street Legal Vehicles

Everybody loves riding the bumper cars. It’s even more fun when you’re with your friends and you get to bash the hell out of them. Not that I would know anything about friends. Do you think I seriously have any time for anyone else but you, sweet sweet reader? *sniff* But enough sympathy for the lonely, pathetic blogger. Check out ...

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