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Zero To Sixty On All Electric Superbikes!

All Electric Superbikes

Are you a biker who cares about the environment? Well now, thanks to Mission Motorcycles you don’t have to settle for an electric car or a bicycle anymore. Mission Motorcycles recently announced the Mission R and Mission RS, both all electric superbikes capable of going zero to sixty in just three seconds. The bikes are already available on order at ...

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Kvant Motorbike: A Dream Vehicle for the Residents of Planet Hoth

When I first saw the these renderings of the Kvant Motorbike, sort of a cross between a snowmobile and a motorcycle, my first thought was “Wow, those really would have been a convenient way for the Rebels to get around Hoth. The tauntauns just didn’t seem to be cutting it.” Wouldn’t most people be dreaming about owning one of these ...

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