Dreamy Dreamcast Turned PC

The Internet is a glory hole of custom PC cases like this hideous Volkswagen case and this case with a face. It’s also a great place to find what DIYers (like Japan’s Akiba PC) are up to next.

Having finished their SEGA Saturn case mod, the crew of Akiba PC turned their attention towards the late, great SEGA Dreamcast. What resulted is the dreamiest Dreamcast ever. With a Sony Blu-ray drive, an AMD mini-ITX mainboard with 780G Chipset, an ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics, HDMI output, 4GB RAM and 160GB storage; this computer is lookin’ cooler than any Alienware. The controller ports have even been replaced with USB ports. Neat, huh? So much for playing Shenmue on it, though.

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  1. I am pretty shocked that they were able to cramp all those things in. You got to give to the Japanese, always finding ways to make things smaller.

  2. now its time to play with a dreamcast emulator!

  3. The VW case mod is not hideous! It’s quite cool! I had a VW van and thought it had personality… You missed the point.

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