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5 Foolproof Tips to Secure your PC Performance in 2021

Computer Performance

If you are currently using Windows 10 on your PC, the chances are that you aren’t worried about your device’s security. Although quite understandable, you need to realize that cyber threats are incredibly rough and can infect or corrupt your device before you even finish closing an application. Even with a leading anti-virus, disk encryption, and firewall, it is sometimes ...

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Microsoft Cuts the Cord: PCs No Longer Allowed to Come Preloaded with Windows XP

After the release of the unfinished Windows Vista and its inevitable failures, corporations and end users alike turned their collective cursors back to XP in search of a stable experience. Windows 7, now exactly a year since its release, has garnered stellar critical reception when compared to that of Vista. Nearly a decade following the retail release of Windows XP, ...

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PC Case Mod Turns Your Computer Into a Mini-Oven

If you walked into a friend’s room and saw this sitting under their desk, you’d probably be like “Um, why the hell do you have an oven in your room?” Because it really does look like a fully-functioning oven. But in reality, this is a PC case mod by Czech modder Zby�ek, who woke up one morning and decided to ...

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Time to Catch Up on Your Starcraft Lore

Starcraft II is almost here. Tomorrow, one of the most highly-anticipated game sequels in history will be released. Its been well over 12 years since the release of the original game so we won’t hold it against you (too much) if you’re a little rusty on your Starcraft lore. This quick video will fill you in on all the details ...

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The Art of Analog Computing

Imagine we lived in a world where everything was still handled manually. Including computing. If you can’t afford a computer this is a cheaper alternative to shelling out hundreds for your very own PC. Computing is lazy anyway. I personally prefer to hand-press my blog posts. Link

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