PC Case With A Face


Your PC is watching you. And we don’t mean internally. Designer Ross McBride has come up with these PC cases which gives the desktop tower a personality. If this PC could talk, I might even quip, “Why the long face?”

Many geeks picture their computers having their own personalities anyway. Many even go as far as naming their computers. At least now you can place a face with the name. Sadly, the designer doesn’t have plans at producing these cases just yet, as they are filed under “ideas”. But, hell, if they aren’t the splitting image of what I figured a PC man would look like. — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. Looks nice, but the idea isn’t totally new.
    My friend and I both have different cases that look like robotic faces

  2. can we buy this case in the netherlands and ifso where and at waht price?

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