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Cyberpunk PC Mod Turns An Office Into a Matrix Jacking-In Device

Russian computer modders are really on a roll recently. The newest PC mod from the Russian mind is this amazing Cyberpunk PC, which looks more like the device used to jack in to the Matrix than just some piece of hardware you use to surf the web. Completely devoid of a case, the Cyberpunk PC opts to expose all of ...

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PC Case Mod Turns Your Computer Into a Mini-Oven

If you walked into a friend’s room and saw this sitting under their desk, you’d probably be like “Um, why the hell do you have an oven in your room?” Because it really does look like a fully-functioning oven. But in reality, this is a PC case mod by Czech modder Zby�ek, who woke up one morning and decided to ...

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MP3 Hand Grenade Makes Your Bass Go BOOM

Yo, dawg, your music is da bomb-diggity. You wanted bass that really exploded? This decommissioned grenade has been de-bombed and MP3-activated, replacing its innards with portable media hardware and replacing the safety clip with a headphone jack. Link

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Dreamy Dreamcast Turned PC

The Internet is a glory hole of custom PC cases like this hideous Volkswagen case and this case with a face. It’s also a great place to find what DIYers (like Japan’s Akiba PC) are up to next. Having finished their SEGA Saturn case mod, the crew of Akiba PC turned their attention towards the late, great SEGA Dreamcast. What ...

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Solution For Gamers Who Lack Skill

If you really suck at video games or you’re just a no good untrustworthy cheating sonofabitch, then the AcidMods Spit-Fire Controller was made just for you. This Xbox 360 controller mod has two special function buttons which are fully programmable that will give your pudgy fingers an edge against competition that is clearly superior to you in Call Of Duty ...

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NES Console Built-In To A Controller

Today, everything is about bulk. Everything is becoming more compact, even dare we say “snack-sized”. This user on the Ben Heck forums put together a creative gift for his girlfriend’s birthday. A NES Controller with the entire console built-in to the controller, as well as some built in-games. The NES Controller features the 2 player version of tetris, and a ...

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