CyberPower’s Core i7 Gaming PC: The Black Pearl

Intel’s Core i7 processors are wicked fast. Faster than that new Lamborghini we know nothing about. Of course, the earliest devices that will utilize the processor are gaming PCs. The Core i7 was officially launched yesterday and computer companies like CyberPower are already stocking the assembly lines with this quad-core powerhouse.

CyberPower unveiled its latest and fastest gaming PC, the Black Pearl, which will pack the Intel’s new Core i7 processor inside. With a 3.2GHz 965 Extreme Edition CPU and a sickening 12GB of RAM, this computer is looking too fast for its own good. Crysis on the highest settings powered by a dual ATI Radeon HD 4870 X2 graphic cards with 2GB video RAM? Ain’t nothing for this PC. Try two Crysis’ on the highest setting running simultaneously. This computer can handle it, no problem. There plenty of room for all your pirated software, so storage space will never be an issue. It has two separate 300GB HDD, 10,000RPM SATA II units from Western Digital. Or perhaps you’d prefer to use the 1TB, SATA II drive, which is also included. Not bad for a gaming rig that’s only priced at $3,999.

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