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Dual HDD Docking Station Transfers via eSATA

How much data you packin’ over there? Enough to have extra hard drives laying around, full of media? This Dual HDD Docking Station allows for any two 2.5″ or 3.5″ SATA harddisks to connect to your computer via the eSATA port. This plug-and-play driverless docking station is great if you just want to have all of your data supplied to ...

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CyberPower’s Core i7 Gaming PC: The Black Pearl

Intel’s Core i7 processors are wicked fast. Faster than that new Lamborghini we know nothing about. Of course, the earliest devices that will utilize the processor are gaming PCs. The Core i7 was officially launched yesterday and computer companies like CyberPower are already stocking the assembly lines with this quad-core powerhouse. CyberPower unveiled its latest and fastest gaming PC, the ...

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Hardbox: Stephen King Novel or SATA Enclosure?

External hard drives never really become a personal affair. For the most part, we buy them to add additional storage to our computers because we just downloaded 100GB of pornography off a Bit Torrent site. Rather than have our OS slow to a crawl and our storage shrink to the size of an appendix, we simply copy all the tits ...

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Western Digital kicks USB 2.0 in the ass and brings in eSATA

The external hard drive market has done fairly well lately, but there has always been that problem of the USB 2.0 speeds. USB is fine when transfering a few photos or the likes, but what about when you want to move gigabytes of movies? USB just doesn’t cut it. The new Western Digial My Book drive integrates what is called ...

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PQI’s 64GB solid state hard drive looks to replace disk drives

Flash memory is basically always better than the moving parts in a disk drive. The main draw back has been that flash just can’t keep up with the immense expansion that is going on in the disk drive market with the recent release of a 1TB drive. Hopefully, flash memory will get a kick in the butt so that we ...

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Savit Micro portable hard drives keep out your pesky housemates

Passwords are getting so old. Aren’t you sick and tired of trying to remember what the passwords are for that account you created last year, but are only now getting around to using it? And last year you had a couple different passwords, but you cant remember whether which password from last year it was. Well, the Savit Micro DataMore ...

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